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Welcome to “A touch of heaven anytime of the day…”

Imagine spending a day with only one person in mind - YOU! Your transformation begins the moment you arrive in our elegant spa. You can choose from our full menu of spa services including facials, waxing, microderm abrasions, chemical peels, permanent makeup, eyelash extensions, and makeup applications. Our professional staff is carefully trained to personalize your experience and suggest the perfect treatment path based on your individual needs to help you achieve desired results. We are committed to having each visit be a relaxing yet invigorating and enriching experience.

Indulge yourself with a full body massage from our facial bed with 8 massage motors and heat in the small of your back and an herbal heated neck wrap during any of our spa treatments, including waxes. Our esthetician takes the time to analyze each individual client’s skin and eyebrows using a lighted magnifying mirror. This is a major benefit and helps to get the best skin treatment or the perfect shape for your eyebrows.

All women know waxes can be a pain in the…but to minimize that pain we use a soothing lavender cream wax for sensitive skin that is strong enough to remove medium to coarse hair. After all of our face waxes, we touch our clients up with Bare Escentuals makeup so they can get back to their day without everyone knowing they just came from getting a wax.

We also offer a free makeup consultation on Bare Escentuals starter kits, this excludes eyes and lips, there is a fee for a full makeup application. For a full makeup application we take a before and after picture to show the benefits of using Bare Escentuals makeup.

A facial is the most popular beauty treatment to slow down the aging process and achieve younger, healthier-looking skin. Getting a facial at Teena’s Radiant Skin Day Spa is a very relaxing experience; we put on soft, soothing music in the background and turn down the lights to truly help you unwind. Our wonderful facials are complemented with soothing arm, hand, neck, shoulder, décolleté and foot massage with warm herbal booties.

Some of the many benefits of Teena's Day Spa's facials are the improvements of facial skin and muscle tone, relief of tension headaches and stress, mental repose, and the relaxation of facial and eye muscles that cause wrinkles.

Before any spa treatment is performed we make sure and explain to our clients in detail all aspects of the treatment. When we perform a series of microdermabrasions or chemical peels we take before and after photos to document the improvement in our client’s skin. 


1020 West Delmar Ave Godfrey IL 62035   Phone : 618.917.1348

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